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Top 4 Practical Uses for Awnings

To some, awnings might seem like unnecessary additions — but that’s only because not everyone is aware of the many practical uses an awning offers. From added energy efficiency to increased home value, the purposes of installing an awning on your home cover cash savings and health benefits. If you’re curious as to how adding an awning to your windows or doors will increase the quality of your life, keep reading.

Why Have an Awning?

At Liberty Door and Awning, we believe every home needs at least one awning. Here are the top four reasons why:

1. They Boost Energy Efficiency and Save You Money

Investing in awnings is worthwhile, especially since they’ll end up paying for themselves in the long run. Awnings block the sun’s rays during the summer which keeps your home cooler without your AC having to work as hard. On especially hot days, awnings can help reduce your energy expenses by up to 20%.

2. They Protect the Interior of Your Home From Harsh Weather

No matter where you live, your home goes up against some pretty severe weather.

Whether it’s scorching heat on summer days or pouring rain in the spring, awnings give your home an added layer of protection. Over time, UV radiation from the sun can fade furniture, carpets and more inside your home. Awnings can keep that sunlight away so that fading of your interior items doesn’t occur. Awnings also keep the rain away from your windows, which can help reduce the risk of leaks.

3. They Create Shade and Storage Space

No one wants to hang out in an overheated yard. Awnings are fantastic because they create shade on outdoor patios and decks, making your outdoor space more versatile. If you keep your awnings out year round, they also provide additional storage space. You can keep muddy boots, lawn tools, boxes and more safe from the elements.

4. They Add Value to Your Home

Because awnings can provide extra outdoor space and make your home more energy efficient, among other benefits, they can also add value to your home. While extensive home renovations can also add value, sometimes they are cost prohibitive. If you’re looking to increase your home’s resale value, an awning is an affordable and highly practical way to do so.

Contact Liberty Door and Awning for Your Awning Installation

If you are thinking about installing a few on your own home, we can help with that. We’ve been in the awning business for 30 years. At Liberty Door and Awning, our passion is providing quality awnings and garage doors for your home. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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