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What Garage Door Service Do I Need?

Garage doors are an essential part of your daily activity, giving you safety and convenience when leaving and entering your home. With proper routine maintenance and care, your garage door should last at least 20 years — garage door openers are typically reliable for about 10 to 15 years. However, even the most durable and efficient garage doors will eventually succumb to normal wear and tear, and they’ll need quality repairs.
Keeping your garage door in quality condition is not a passive pursuit. As a homeowner, it’s important to recognize signs of future repair needs and have your garage door routinely inspected by a professional. Learning what types of garage door services you need is an essential step to responsible, effective and continued garage door use.

Common Garage Door and Opener Repair Services

With regular daily use, it’s common that your garage door will need some repairs throughout its lifetime. By noticing different operating abnormalities, you can determine what is likely wrong with your garage door and request the type of garage door services you need. Common garage door repair needs you should be aware of include:

  • Noisy operations: When your garage door is functioning normally, it makes some noise, so how can you easily and accurately identify when your garage door is being unusually loud? While opening and closing your garage, note sounds you don’t recall hearing before like rattling, grating, grinding, straining or rumbling. These sounds could indicate minor issues like poor lubrication of moving parts or loose hardware. The problem could also be more serious, such as inadequate garage door opener horsepower or damaged parts like springs, coils, rollers, chains or support rails.
  • Broken springs: Springs are a crucial component of your garage door counterbalance system — they’re responsible for supporting the weight of your garage door while it opens and closes. The garage door springs typically last about six to 10 years, and will eventually break, making a loud pop like an exploding firework. To fix the garage door torsion or extension spring, you’ll need the help of a professional who has the training, knowledge and tools to safely and efficiently replace the spring without causing personal or property damage.
  • Slow response: Once you’ve pressed the garage door remote or wall panel, your door should respond within one or two seconds. If your garage door has delayed response times, then it could indicate an issue with the door or opener like broken opener cords, rusted pulleys, bad rollers or worn remote control circuitry. Having a professional garage door servicing company inspect your system will help identify the type of garage door service you need.

The Importance of Regular Preventative Maintenance

An important step in keeping your garage door in reliable, safe and efficient condition is by having a professional perform regular preventative maintenance at least once per year. During maintenance visits, a professional will inspect all moving parts, lubricate hardware as needed, clear debris from the tracks and photo eye sensors and examine the garage door opener.
With inspection, a specialist can identify potential repair needs and make repair suggestions. By having routine maintenance performed, you can save money by preventing unexpected repairs, ensure the safety of your door’s operation and extend the longevity of your garage door.

When You Need Garage Door Services, Call Liberty Door and Awning

You can rely on the professionals at Liberty Door and Awning to perform quality repairs and thorough inspections of your garage door system. Our company has over 45 years of garage door installation, maintenance and repair experience throughout New Jersey, including Atlantic, Middlesex and Mercer Counties.
Schedule garage door services today by completing our online scheduling form or calling (732) 286-3667 to speak to a specialist.

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