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Garage Door Repair NJ: Is Your Garage Door Safe?

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Would you walk underneath a heavy moving object without considering your safety? Chances are, you already do. Every time you leave a house through the garage door, you are trusting that it won’t malfunction. If you periodically check up on your garage door, you can rest assured that you are safe while leaving the house. You will also get a clue as to when you need garage door repair NJ.

Safety Systems

Garage doors are heavy and can be potentially dangerous. Luckily, safety systems are put in place to ensure that no one gets injured. One common safety system is the infrared motion detector. Have you ever tried to “beat” the garage door only to find out that it opens back up once you pass underneath? This is due to an infrared sensor located on the bottom side of the garage door, about six inches off the ground.
If the sensor detects anything in its path, it will reverse the direction of the closing door. Consider purchasing an infrared system if you do not own one. If you do, check if it works once a month by waving a stick in front of the sensor as the garage door closes. If the door closes anyway, garage door repair NJ is necessary.

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The next system became federally mandated in the United States in 1991. This is the automatic reversal system. This is designed to change the direction of a closing garage door if an object is underneath it. Automatic reversal systems detect obstructions in order to keep you safe.
You can check if this system is functioning properly by placing an object underneath the door and attempting to close it. If the door does not quickly open back up, your system is not working correctly. Test this test monthly to avoid any issues down the road. In addition to personal tests, you should hire a technician once a year to give your garage door a thorough check up and repair if necessary.

Safety Tests

Automatic reversal systems and infrared motion detectors make your garage door safer, but there are other ways the door can malfunction. Garage doors have many moving parts such as wheels and springs. These mechanisms corrode and rust over time, posing potential safety hazards.
Also, foreign objects can get wedged into the door’s wheel track, preventing the door from opening properly.  It is important to periodically check your garage door’s moving parts for rust or obstructions. If you detect these warning signs, it is time to hire a professional for garage door repair NJ.
Another safety procedure you can follow is testing the emergency manual release. Garage doors should have a bright red handle hanging from a rope in case they malfunction. When you pull this rope, the garage door will disconnect from the opener. This allows you to manually open the garage door. The emergency manual release is useful during power outages or if an accident occurs. Check if the emergency release is working once a month, for this is your last line of defense in a worst-case scenario.


There are several safety tests you can do on your own, but hiring a professional is the best way to guarantee your garage door is in working order. For example, your garage door tracks, rollers, hinges, and springs need to be lubricated once every six months.  Many people attempt this themselves and will use lubricants like petroleum, which can cause the door to stick to the ground in freezing weather. If the door is working correctly, it should move smoothly. If your door is making unusual noises or closing slowly, consider hiring a technician for garage door repair NJ.


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You should never mess around with high tension cables that lift the door because they can snap and potentially cause an injury. However, you can inspect them so you know when to hire a technician. Look out for broken or damaged strands of cable near the bottom of the roller bracket. The experts will know what to do from there.

Hire A Professional For Garage Door Repair NJ

Once you have done everything you can on your end, you should hire a professional to be certain everything is in proper working order. Liberty Door and Awning sells and installs garage doors as well as offers repair services. Whether you are looking for a new garage door or want to ensure the safety of your current one, Liberty has you covered. Contact Liberty Door and awning for all of your garage door needs.

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