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Garage Door and New Jersey Home Styles Matching Guide

The garage door is an important part of your house external appearance. If you want to improve curb appeal, consider upgrading the garage door first. The good news is garage doors are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you have the option of customizing them to suit the look of your home. Below is a list of common New Jersey home architectural styles and garage door styles that complement each.

Neoclassical Home Style

Recommendation: Classic Wood Collection

Neoclassical homes are a modern version of original colonial homes. These houses are inspired by the classic architectural designs of ancient Greece and Rome. They are typically large and often feature a massive portico supported by prominent columns.
The roofs are usually side gabled and have a stylish triangular pediment at the front entrance. Neoclassical homes are prevalent in New Jersey today. The best garage doors that complement these homes are the classic wood designs, which can stand up to damage caused by cars, kids and even hurricanes. These doors offer the elegance of natural wood, plus low maintenance and energy efficiency. They look good and can help you get the best from both the ancient and modern worlds.

Tudor Home Style

Recommendation: Coachman Collection

Tudor homes are similar to medieval English homes. The term Tudor in America covers the combination of English medieval styles, including Jacobean and Elizabethan. These houses are characterized by high-pitched roofs, massive chimneys, steep thatched or slate roofs, and exterior timbering with herringbone or stucco brickwork. Tudors are prevalent in New Jersey today. They range from small cottages to large mansions in communities like Essex Fells, South Orange and Montclair.
The best garage door styles for Tudor houses are in the Coachman collection. These garage doors feature the charming appearance of early carriage style doors but offer the inbuilt convenience of contemporary garage doors. They blend beauty and practicality while staying durable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient. Best of all, they feature wood grain texture to best complement the medieval Tudor home.

Ranch Home Style

Recommendation: Value Plus and Gallery Collection
Ranches are excellent starter homes due to their cost-effective construction. Ramblers, as they are also commonly called, are usually one-floor homes that can easily expand. They have huge basements, which run the full length of the house and are wider than they are deep. These homes are usually divided into a sleeping wing and a living wing.
Ranches are found in South Orange, Montclair Heights, Short Hills and Montclair. The best garage door styles for ranch homes are the Value Plus Series and Gallery Collection. These garage doors are simple, affordable and efficient. They feature double-layer construction, three-panel designs and optional windows. Plus, provide a simplistic design at a pocket-friendly price.

Contemporary Home Style

Recommendation: Reserve Collection and Avante Collection
Contemporary/modern home styles run from the mid-century to the newest designs we see today. These homes are characterized by:

  • Clean, sleek lines
  • Plenty of glass
  • Lots of decorations
  • Flat or slanted roofs

Most feature unique floor plans and outdoor living spaces. Contemporary homes are rarer in New Jersey, but two well-known communities with modern homes are Livingston and Park Ridge in Cedar Grove.
The best garage door styles that complement modern homes include Reserve Collection Custom Series and Avante designs. These doors are low-maintenance, and they’re perfect for when you want to highlight natural materials and other textures on your home with a modern touch. Design options include aluminum inlays, faux wood and full-view glass options.

McMansion Home Style

Recommendation: Modern Steel and Gallery Collection
McMansion is a slang word born a few years ago referring to homes that blend classic American styles. These are new homes much larger than ancient homes and include all the latest amenities.
The kitchen in McMansion homes is usually huge and features new appliances. The floor plan is open, with large rooms and fewer walls. The master bedroom is designed like a master en suite, complete with walk-in closets, big bathrooms and sometimes a living room.
In New Jersey, McMansions are mostly found in West Orange, Cedar Grove and North Caldwell. The best garage door styles for McMansion homes are the Modern Steel and Gallery Collection, which perfectly fit their mid-century and modern design.

Split-Level Home Style

Recommendation: Value Plus and Classic Wood
Split-level house styles have the main living rooms on the top floor, with recreation and family rooms on the bottom floor. They also include a garage and, occasionally, a basement. These homes are found throughout New Jersey, including numerous split-level homes in Cedar Grove and Livingston.
The best types of garage door styles for split-level homes are the Value Plus and Classic Wood designs. These garage doors are built for strength, durability and performance to withstand the daily closings and openings a busy modern household requires of a garage door. The best thing about Value Plus and Classic Wood garage doors is they can be customized to meet nearly any color, shape and size specification.

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