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Picking a Garage Door for a New Home Build

Building a new house offers you the opportunity to customize a fresh home that perfectly fits your personal aesthetic and daily needs for years to come. During the design and construction phases of your house, you may be primarily concerned with what type of interior materials and finishes best suit your daily activities. However, an important feature of your home to also consider is your new garage and garage door. Garages are an important space because they keep your car and other possessions safe and protected as well as provide additional storage for hobby items, seasonal decor and landscaping tools.
With the right features and upgrades, you can enhance your garage to become an exceptionally functional area of your home as well as improve household safety, daily convenience and overall home value.

Garage Construction Consideration

While planning your garage designs, consider the following details that can improve your daily living:

  • Door type: What size garage best suits your current situation while giving you flexibility for the future — a one or two-car garage? When considering which type of garage you need, think of how it will affect your overall home aesthetics and usability. Garage openings should be wide enough for each car you own to easily leave and enter the space without damaging the side mirrors or other nearby items.
  • Driveway: Having an angled or curved driveway may greatly improve your home’s overall appeal. If it’s not practical, though then a typical straight design may be better because it can make it easier to get into and out of your garage.
  • Additional Entryways: While many security experts advise against having multiple entryways into your garage, is it more convenient to have an additional door that leads to the side of the home or the backyard? Decide if another doorway would be appropriate for your home, then make sure the appropriate security precautions are in place, like sturdy door construction, fire code adherence and door bolts.
  • Windows: One way to make your garage feel like part of your home is by incorporating windows into your design — but make sure any window additions can’t be easily damaged or reveal any valuables stored in your garage.
  • Utilities: For many homeowners, the garage is merely a safe and convenient storage area for their possessions, but if you’re planning on finishing hobbies in this space, then you may benefit from additional power and plumbing upgrades. For example, if you’re using power tools, make sure the outlets have enough voltage to adequately power your equipment. Also, consider if having a small sink with hot and cold water sources will help you perform daily tasks and prevent grime from entering your living space.

Choosing a Garage Door for Your Home

Did you know the right type of garage door can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal, add functionality and convenience? When choosing a new garage door for your home, consider the following design factors:

  • Style: A white sectional garage door may be the popular option for many of your neighbors and facilitate reliable opening and closing, but a new garage door in a contemporary or traditional style will add curb appeal, enhance your home’s architecture and add home value. Today, you can choose from several styles, colors and designs that will improve the look and operations of your home.
  • Materials: How long your garage door will last as well as how often and what kind of maintenance it’ll require is largely determined by the materials your door is constructed from. Today you can choose from attractive and durable wood, fiberglass, aluminum and steel designs.
  • Insulation: While not a necessary an upgrade, insulation is particularly useful for homeowners looking to become more energy efficient and have smoother garage door operations. Garage doors with added insulation are quieter, are typically more durable and can save you on annual energy costs.
  • Price: Garage doors are an affordable upgrade for your home — on average, they should account for approximately one percent of your home’s value — and not only can they improve your home’s appearance, but they also have an impressive 85 percent return on investment.

Let Liberty Door and Awning Help You Choose a New Garage Door

When you need a assistance picking a garage door for your new home build, let the professionals at Liberty Door and Awning help you choose an attractive and durable style from Clopay® — the leading manufacturer of residential doors. All of our garage doors are crafted from the finest materials and available in the latest styles to enhance your home’s aesthetic and provide reliable and efficient operations for years to come. Once you’ve selected a new garage door, you can then trust one of our trained and experienced professionals to perform a quality installation using the best tools and equipment available.
At Liberty Door and Awning, we happily serve residents throughout the Atlantic, Middlesex and Ocean, NJ areas, and we have provided quality garage door installations and service for over 45 years. To learn more about our services, call us today at (732) 286-3667 or complete our online contact form. You can also request a free garage door service estimate.

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