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Most Durable Garage Doors

As a homeowner, a garage door is not something you purchase often. But, when you do need one, you want to select materials and a style that will be dependable, sturdy and efficient for many years. It’s important to have a strong garage door that will reliably and effectively withstand harsh weather conditions like direct sunlight, moisture and variable temperatures, can endure impacts and other mishaps, add to your home’s overall security and resist elemental damages like corrosion, warping or rot.
When choosing and designing a new garage door for your home, consider the environment where you live and the door’s expected daily use. From there, you can easily determine which type of garage door will work best for your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Garage Door Materials Available Today

In the past, you could choose from simple garage door designs, often available in white or almond colors, crafted from basic galvanized steel, fiberglass and vinyl. But today, manufacturers have developed new materials and advanced construction techniques, giving homeowners a variety of stylish, heavy-duty and efficient garage doors to choose from. Each type of material offers specific benefits that all homeowners should consider when purchasing a new, durable garage door:

  • Steel: Traditionally, professionals have considered steel to be the strongest and most durable material to construct doors from, especially when the door was constructed using a 24-gauge steel or heavier. Steel garage doors require less maintenance than other materials, but they can easily be dented or scratched, which can then lead to rust and corrosion.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are a good blend of strength and light-weight construction. With an aluminum garage door, it is important to note that without added lamentation or coating to prevent cosmetic damage, the door can be easily dented.
  • Fiberglass: When you want design flexibility, fiberglass is an ideal choice for garage door materials. In coastal areas, fiberglass is the garage door material of choice, but in areas with a lot of sunlight or extremely cool temperatures, fiberglass can eventually become dull or discolored, or become brittle and break apart.
  • Wood: Garage doors crafted from wood are growing in popularity because of their natural beauty, welcoming appeal and customization options. Wood doors, unlike other materials, require significant maintenance to preserve their sturdy construction. Every few years, you’ll need to sand, repaint and coat your wood door to ensure it doesn’t become warped or damaged. However, new wood doors often include coatings for moisture resistance, are difficult to damage and are natural insect repellents.

Which Garage Door Material Is the Most Durable?

If you’re looking for a garage door material that will give your home undeniable lasting protection, then choose a design crafted from galvanized steel. Steel garage doors have exceptional strength and lasting durability with little maintenance, and with new faux wood overlays on steel doors, you can customize your garage door to feature the warmth and style of a wood door with the added durability of steel.
If you’d rather not go with steel, you have options. With today’s construction techniques, upgrades and improvements, other materials can be equally as strong, too. For example, several garage door materials like wood or aluminum can feature layered construction or insulation additions that improve durability.

Learn More by Calling Liberty Door and Awning Today

With superior construction techniques and quality materials, so many garage doors today are guaranteed to give you lasting attractiveness, protection and durability. But when you need assistance choosing the type of garage door that will work best for your New Jersey home, then rely on the expertise from Liberty Door and Awning. Our company has over 45 years of experience serving New Jersey residents throughout Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties, and we can provide you with a new garage door installation that will last.
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