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The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repair

You can complete many exciting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the home, from painting your deck to building simple structures. DIY projects are both challenging and fun. In some cases, they can even save you money. However, you should never try to DIY a garage door repair job.

Is It Dangerous to DIY-Repair a Garage Door?

Quite simply, yes. People have been seriously injured or even killed trying to repair garage doors themselves. DIY garage door repairs are dangerous for several reasons:

1. Garage Doors Are Heavy and Can Fall

Once off their tracks, garage doors can easily fall — and you may not be able to prevent it. If an incorrectly functioning door comes off its tracks and falls, you could suffer crushing injuries or brain damage. Having a door fall on you can be fatal. Even if the door doesn’t fall on a person, it can damage your car and other property.

2. Garage Door Openers Involve Electrical Systems

If you are working with any electrical system, you need a licensed electrician who knows how to safely turn off the power. A DIY job with electrical wiring can lead to electrical shock or sparks. Any mistakes you make with the electrical components of your system can also put you at risk of a fire.

3. DIY Repairs Can Hurt Your Wallet

If you don’t fix a problem yourself and instead make it worse, it can cost more to fix it in the end than it would to request a repair service from the start. The professionals at Liberty Door and Awning see this problem often and are routinely called to properties where a homeowner permanently damaged a garage door by trying to fix it, resulting in a more costly patch-up.

4. Doing Repairs by Yourself Can Put Your Safety at Risk

If your garage door is not installed and repaired by professionals, it can be more vulnerable to thieves. You don’t want someone to steal your car or access your home through your garage because you attempted a repair yourself and didn’t fix your door correctly.

Further, if you don’t have the tools or expertise to fix your door, you could make a mistake and cause yourself injury or damage your property. These costs of a DIY repair can be catastrophic.

5. Torsion Springs Can Cause Severe Property Damage and Personal Injury

Torsion springs help lift most garage doors off the ground. These springs are mounted above your garage door and wind and unwind as you open and close it. These springs are wound tightly — and if they break, they can fire off around your garage or towards you. This situation can severely damage the items in your garage and may cause devastating injuries or even fatalities if they hit a person.

How to Avoid the Dangers of a DIY Garage Door Repair

The best way to avoid injury and damages is to call in the experts when your garage door needs help. Check your owner’s manual for your opener or garage door system. If the manual does not cover the problem as a situation you can troubleshoot, Contact Liberty Door and Awning today for professional, reliable repairs.

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