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Reasons to Buy a New Garage Door Opener

Sometimes the reasons to buy a new garage door opener are obvious. If your old one has died and no longer opens, you may have no choice but to get a replacement right away. However, even if your old model is still mostly functioning, you’ll find several smart reasons to invest in a new garage door opener.

1. Your Old System Is Outdated

If your old system lacks the modern features you want, you may want to get a new garage door opener — even if your old model is still mostly functional. This is especially the case if you are moving and want to impress buyers. A newer system with better features will make your home more attractive.

2. You Want a Smart System

If you have smart home features, a smart garage door opener only makes sense. Today’s openers connect to Wi-Fi and various apps so that you can control your garage door from any mobile device. Notifications will alert you when your garage door opens, allowing you to prevent theft. You can set your door to close automatically or to remind you when it has been left open.

3. You Want a Quieter System

Old systems made with heavy machinery are loud enough to wake up people in your home and even annoy your neighbors. A new system can make a significant difference in noise levels, especially one with DC motors and belt drives, which offer maximum silence.

4. You Have Children and Want Greater Safety

If your garage door openers are from the 1990s or earlier, they may not have safety sensors, which means they will not automatically reverse. This lack of features can be a danger since your door can close on a person or car. Newer openers have sensors and automatic deadbolts, keeping you and your household safer.

5. Your Property Is Dark

Many newer garage door openers have LED lighting, which is invaluable if you live in a rural area without much light or if you have a workshop in your garage. Lighting built-in to your opener is also handy if you often come home after dark or leave early in the morning. The extra light can make you feel safer and keep you from tripping or stumbling around in the dark.

6. You Need More Space

If you have an older ceiling-mount garage door opener, a wall-mount opener will make the interior of your garage feel and look more spacious. By reducing vibration on the ceiling, a wall-mount garage door opener can also make any space above your garage more usable.

Are You Looking to Buy a New Opener for Your Garage Door?

If so, Liberty Door and Awning can help. We have decades of experience in garage door systems, and our team is always learning about the newest features and options. We can offer on-point advice and suggestions to help you find the right opener for your needs.

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